Side by Side

Just want to store your Dice.  No problem!  Our Side by Side Box is the box of choice.  This box will comfortably store 2 sets of polyhedral dice.



Full Box

Just want to store several of your Hero’s or a couple sets of Dice?  Our Full Box is the perfect Dice Box for you!



End to End

Maybe you want your Hero to be to influenced by your dice for an upcoming role playing adventure.  Store them in the same vault with our Side by Side Box. This box allows for 1 large mini (if they are mounted, etc) or 2 normal size, 19mm miniatures.




The Offset

If you don't need the extra space for a larger mini, or 2 for that matter, why not the extra space for a few more dice? This one was inspired by our fans! You can fit 10 standard polyhedral dice in the large pocket and a regular 19mm mini in the smaller one.


​Our Tray

We couldn’t decide whether you needed a new Dice Tray or a storage bin for your Dice Box.  So we have given you both.  When your done with your RPG adventure, the Dice Tray breaks down into a convenient storage bin for your Dice Box all held together securely, with our strategically placed, rare earth magnets.  Problem Solved!

Oh and did I mention that the Dice Tray and Box are made from the same wood species?  OK, now I did!

All Armories Include:

• Choice of 20+ Wood Types

• Ash, Aspen, Austrian Black Wood, Butternut, Cherry, Cedar, Ebony, Mahogany, Maple, Oaks, Padauk, Pine, Purple Heart, Rosewood, Spalted Maple Tiger Maple, Walnut, Wenge, Zebra Wood and more!

• Black Foam Liner

• Magnetic Closures

• Thinking Monk Studios Engraved Logo

• The Monk’s Honor Guarantee


Other Options:

•8+ Unique Inlay Designs

•Choice of genuine tanned leather or suede

•Custom Laser Engraving



Vendor Tier

Many vendors have approached us requesting a vendor’s tier on our upcoming kickstarter campaign.  We have heard your cries and will be offering a tier just for you!

Check out our Kickstarter on July 16th or message us on Facebook for full details!


Artists Submissions

Looking to submit artwork for the upcoming Kickstarter? More details here.