Nomad's Armory

Art Submission Contest Details

Hello fellow artists! If you are looking to submit your art for our upcoming Kickstarter you're in the right place. Typically I like to keep art consistent to one style, but, I am swamped getting ready for this Kickstarter and running the business at the same time. Honestly, I need your help and really would love to see art from the community. I think it could really make this Kickstarter something about the community, not just a business. This is even something we want to do after the Kickstarter. I am even toying around with "limited edition" works as well. But that's more future thoughts.

Be sure to read this in it's entirety if you plan to submit your work.

Type of Art I am looking for:

The art form I am looking for is vector art that can be used for inlay into wood. Details too fine/small won't show up, so you have to keep that in mind. I can get down to about a 1/16 square inch piece, but even that is pretty small. Long pieces that are thin can work much easier. If you look at the tail of the dragon, it goes from 1/8" down to 1/32 of an inch but overall is a rather long piece. The very center of our compass rose is just barely over 1/16 of an inch and is a pain to inlay, but doable.

For colors, keep natural wood colors in mind. There IS a green wood (vera wood aka Argentine Lignum Vitae, but it doesn't stay green for very long (few months) and will just turn brown. That in mind, greens are hard to do and blue is just not doable (there's a blue wood yes, but it won't stay blue). Here is a list of woods and some of the colors that are doable other than shades of brown:

Red = Redheart aka chakte kok

Orange-red = Padauk

Yellow = YellowheartYe

Purple = Purpleheart

Black = Gabon Ebony (solid black)

White = American Holly (best), Aspen (second best), Maple (works if wood is dark enough)

Ripple/shine effect = Curly maple.

IF you really come up with something awesome that needs green/blue, we can try to work with it by dying the woods. The problem with dying is that we don't do things cheaply that won't last, so we have to pressure dye the wood inlays so they are dyed all the way through the thickness of the wood rather than just on the surface. This ups the cost of the inlay drastically.

Why is that important? If you give me the most beautiful inlay art ever and it's super detailed with a lot of awesome variations going on, it's going to cost a lot of money to make. Not necessarily bad, but we are going to pay you, based on how many sell/retail value.

Currently, we are asking for wood inlays only. Please stay away from Mother of pearl, stone and metal.

The size needs to be set for 2" x 6" (Nomad's Dice Box), and/or 2.75" x 7" (Nomad's Dice Tray).

Payment for Art:

This brings us to the payment details for you. If we accept your art for the Kickstarter, we will pay you royalties.

Royalty system. You get 7% of the retail value of any box sold with YOUR art on it for the length of 1 year (Starting from the Kickstarter start date). If you think your art is awesome and is going to sell millions, this is the way to do it. It also gives the community incentive to share your work to help you out!

WE (Thinking Monk LLC) set the retail value of the boxes and payment will be determined by the retail value from the Kickstarter and our website ( after. If we decide your box is worth $100 retail, you get $7.00 for each box sold. We also retain the sole rights for the art, but will still give you credit as the artist for the work which will be listed on the Kickstarter and the website after (if you would like). (See the Submission Form for full details).

Ground Rules for Submission:

1) No nudity. You can send it, but it's not going to get selected.

2) Has to be vector art and sent to us in .svg format or any other vector format. If you can't get it to us in svg, let us know and we can try to work with it. There's a lot of different file types out there that can work.

3) Stick with no more than 6 colors. Too many colors starts to blur with woods and is hard to get it to look right. If you think you can do a piece with more please feel free.

4) We NEED a photo-shop rendering of what the box will look like. IE:

This is not a real inlay, but a photo-shop concept I did to see what it would look like. There's a lot of sources for woods out there. If you would like, I can send you the files I use for various inlays to "cut out" the virtual pieces for concept. Simply message us @ThinkingMonk on Facebook and ask for the wood inlay files for photoshop. If you don't have photoshop (I don't) GIMP is a great open source software that can work. It's free and pretty powerful if you know how to use it. It can simply be on a flat piece of wood the size of a box. The image does not have to be on an actual picture of one of the Nomad pieces.

5) The size needs to be set for 2" x 6" (Nomad's Dice Box), and/or 2.75" x 7" (Nomad's Dice Tray). You do NOT need to do inlay options for both, though matching sets will likely sell better. Some art works the same size for both. Some needs to be catered, so bare that in mind.

6) You can submit multiple works.

7) The work MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK! If you knowingly submit someone else's work as your own, not only will we not accept it, we will ban you from all our sites, forever. I get that some art has a lot of overlapping designs details and something things have "generic" looks. These are fine and I understand this. There are also times when it's blatantly obvious that works are exact copies. Just don't do it. Concept art/fan art is OK, but make sure it's know that is what it is when you submit it to us.

8) No logos or trademarks, unless it's ours.

9) If you send us a vector only with no concept, I may ask you to submit a photoshop concept.

10) There is only so much I can do. If we don't accept your art for the Kickstarter, we MAY accept it after. I have to be realistic with the inlay options. Even after you submit it, there's still a lot of work I need to do before it can be inlaid. So just because we don't accept it right away doesn't mean we won't at a later date.

11) There may be some things I have to change on your art. This is not because I don't like it, but because I need to make it work for inlay. If I have to change some details of your art I will let you know. You will still get FULL credit for the work.

Here are some art designs I would really like to see:

1) Class specific art for different classes in various RPG's. Remember though, NO logos. Even a lot of the symbols used for some classes are protected works, so make sure you submit a unique design.

2) THE Grim Reaper. I am working on one myself, but I honestly don't see me having the time to finish it. This would be awesome (I think) as 1 or 2 colors on spalted maple. Really would set the vibe for that work.

3) Celitc designs. Who doesn't love celtic designs? We already have a celtic knot so just don't waste your time on that one.

4) Nordic/viking designs. We've had a lot of requests for this specifically.

5) Egyptian themed. This is the ONE exception to metal inlays. I would really like to see this on a gabon ebony wood box with brass inlay in various areas with some other woods as well.

6) Dice. People want dice on their dice box 🙂

7) Your unique creations! Sometimes simple is best. The druid knot I did was second in popularity at the conventions only to the fey dragon.

Where/How to Submit your Art:

1) Send us the appropriate files to our email ( with your full name and from a working email you check regularly.

2) Send the art in AI format if possible or another vector friendly file type.

3) The photoshop concept should be sent as a JPG. It's smaller in file size so it makes it easier for sending. This doesn't have to be super fancy/high resolution. I just need any idea of what you want it to look like.

Last Notes:

  • There is no limit to the amount of art we will accept. Submission does not guarantee that your work will be accepted. You will only receive payment/royalties if your art is accepted. If you know any fellow artists who would be interested, feel free to let them know.
  • Submissions must be received no later than June 15th, 2018. The sooner the better. We will decide which art to be accepted throughout the week after the 15th and inform you via email. Make sure you fill out the Submission Form when you submit your art.
  • Submission means you the payment via royalty. Asking for more money after a work is submitted and accepted will get all your art removed from the contest. If you don't like the terms, that's fine, you don't need to submit your work. You are more than welcome to discuss terms with us before submission/acceptance.
  • Just because we don't accept your art, doesn't mean it wasn't the best. We may get 2 people that submit similar styles (lets say a bear). We will likely only select one of them, but we may select one that isn't necessarily as "artistic" as another due to the simple fact that it may not be possible to inlay or some other factor (like a naked lady riding a bear).
  • If we really like your art/art style, we may look at discussing hiring you as one of our lead artists (totally up to you though). We have been toying with this idea for a while as I progressively have less and less time to dedicate to art. It also takes me an eternity to draw anything so my "speed" at art is... terrible 😀
  • If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to ask! Simply send me message on our Facebook @ThinkingMonk and ask for Teejay. I'm a pretty friendly guy.