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Nomad’s Armories are temporarily unavailable for Preorders. Please check out our new website for updated information as we transition as Master Monk Gaming !

The Nomad’s Dice Tray is where the magic happens. The Nomad’s Tray functions as both a storage box and a dice tray. It has strong, rare earth magnets that hold it in place. It also features low walls, so rolls are visible at all angles. You can choose between genuine tanned leather or suede leather for a rolling surface. It also has a magnetic closure to ensure the box stays closed during transport. Even if your dice box has 2 sets of metal dice, the tray securely holds the dice box inside without fear of coming apart, even when tipped upside down.

Shown in the video, the Nomad’s Tray is able to carry the Nomad’s Dice Box with ease, and has space to spare. The tray itself is able to store over 9 sets of dice comfortably, if you so choose. The dice, Nomad’s Dicebox, and minatures are just for demonstration, and are sold elsewhere.

Currently, all preorders of the Nomad’s Tray will automatically include the Nomad’s Lid. The Nomad’s Lid houses not one, but two writing tools: a dry/wet erase marker and a Pencil/pen. The Lid also features a stainless steel plate that holds your writing instruments in place when not in use, and functions as a Player Name Plate that magnetizes to the side of the tray so you can have your character name or spell-tracking written down.
A dry-erase marker and the stainless steel plate come with the lid, but the pencil is ordered separately.

The Nomad’s Pencil is Thinking Monk’s premier mechanical pencil, hand turned on a lathe in your preorder’s matching wood. Prices range from $46 (Oak) to $74 (Ebony). Comes stocked with lead and has a built in eraser under a brass cap! The pencil also fits perfectly inside the Nomad’s Lid, so you can protect your pencil and take it with you on epic journeys! No boring journeys allowed.

Our inlays are entirely natural wood color designs (Not dyed nor painted!), embedded to the top of your Nomad’s Dice Box or Tray. Each one is done by hand with thick inlays that we custom cut ourselves. Normally very thin, we use inlays that are much thicker than the industry standard since we’re all about our creations lasting for ages.

For $50, you can add the Nomad’s Compass inlay to your order!

For $45, you can add the Celtic Druid inlay to your order!

For $65, you can add the Fei Dragon inlay to your order!

For $80, you can add the Celtic Wolf inlay to your order!

For $120, you can add the Celtic Warrior to your order!

Laser Engraving:
For $15, you can engrave the top of the box and one of the front faces. *Please leave details of what you want in the order notes during checkout.

The Nomad’s Leather Pouch was a result of your inputs during prototyping and the Kickstarter: What if you don’t have room, or don’t want to store your Armory in a bag? The Nomad’s Pouch gives you the option to attach it to your belt or the outside of your bag.


This item is a preorder, and will be shipped to you after our Kickstarter pledges have been fulfilled.
For further details or questions, please email us at

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Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 9 x 5 x 3 in

Genuine Tanned Leather, Suede Leather

Nomad's Pencil:

Yes, None


Nomad's Compass, Celtic Druid, Fei Dragon, Celtic Wolf, Celtic Warrior, None


Yes (please provide details at checkout in order notes), None

Nomad's Pouch:

Yes, None


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